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  • The overall effectiveness of the Pimlico-London SCITT is outstanding.

    Ofsted Inspection Report, January 2017

  • Unique in pioneering knowledge-led teaching

    ... believing that what pupils and their teachers know, is as important as what they can do.

  • Ranked third across all national teacher training providers

    The Good Teacher Training Guide, 2017

  • I've thoroughly enjoyed my experience and felt like I've been having excellent training

    student teacher 2014

  • I have benefitted from all the pros of the SCITT route, supported by top-quality teachers and fantastic facilities

    Student teacher 2014

  • It is critical that progression between ITT and the NQT year is as seamless as possible.

    - The Carter Review (January 2015)

  • Ensuring your subject knowledge is fit for the modern classroom

    ...and that you are supported in becoming confident and capable in leading any class.

Welcome to Future Training


Future Training's Pimlico-London SCITT sets a new standard in school-based teacher training.

We offer you the opportunity to gain QTS and a PGCE in the dynamic environment of Future Academies, the Trust which has pioneered knowledge-led teaching and learning in a truly comprehensive setting.

The Pimlico-London SCITT teacher training courses also ensure that trainees learn how to make the most of London itself as a learning resource.

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"Evidence suggests that a high level of subject expertise is a characteristic of good teaching. We have found that the most effective courses address gaps and misconceptions in trainees' core subject knowledge" - the Carter Review (January 2015)

If you would like more information on the benefits of the SCITT route to teacher training see the 'Good Teacher Training Guide' where we are rated third best provider in the country.

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"Trainees and schools alike have highlighted the benefits of experiencing school as early as possible in the year" - The Carter Review (January 2015)


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