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Selection Process

Successful applicants will be invited to a selection day at one of our placement schools, which includes:

  • Written tasks testing subject knowledge, knowledge of education and a response to students' work;
  • Micro-teaching task, planned and delivered by the candidate to a small group of pupils (information about this activity will be provided prior to the interview day);
  • An interview with a senior member of staff and a subject specialist.

Offers to successful applicants will be subject to the following conditions;

  • Confirmation of the successful completion of the skills test in both literacy and numeracy;
  • A DBS check;
  • A completed health check form which confirms that the candidate is fit to teach;
  • Proof the candidate is entitled to work and to study in the UK;
  • Evidence of qualifications.


Applications should be made directly through UCAS Teacher Training, using the ‘Apply’ system, found on their website: www.ucas.com/apply/teacher-training. Then follow these steps:

  1. Go to UCAS Teacher training information.
  2. Search for 2017 training programmes.
  3. Search for teacher training programmes.
  4. Search for training provider.
  5. Input "Pimlico" into the search for training provider section - you will then see all the courses that we offer.

For the following subjects, the code is:                       For the following subjects, the code is: 

Train code name: Pimlo                                              Train code name:  A2201

Train Code: P58           2017                                       Train Code: 1ZC      2017

Art                     2D2N               History              2D2K               Biology              38BV               Chemistry         2NMC 

Drama              2D2P                English              2D2L                DT                      2P6M               Mathematics   2FQK   

Geography       2FL7                                                                    MFL                    2FQJ                Music                2FQN  

                                                                                                       PE                       2FQC                Physics              2NMB  

                                                                                                                        Primary             2VLJ                                                                               


All applicants need to provide details of two referees; UCAS Teacher Training obtains each reference as part of the application process.

If you are currently at university or have gained a degree in the past five years:

  • One reference must be from someone at your university who can comment on your academic ability and potential as a teacher.
  • The second reference can be from someone who knows you from work or can comment on your character and potential to be a teacher.

Once the application has been received and processed by UCAS, it is made available online for us to consider.

Fraudulent Applications

All applications are checked against the UCAS database for fraud, and personal statements are vetted through their similarity detection device. If you omit any compulsory information, we reserve the right to withdraw or to amend our offer.

Criminal Record Disclosure

An Enhanced Disclosure Check is required for entry into initial teacher education and training. UCAS asks applicants to confirm that they agree to a check by the UK Disclosure and Barring Service. The application also requires applicants to disclose any spent or unspent convictions, or any past criminal activities.


 "The SCITT route emerged with the best overall score, mainly due to the very favourable ratings from newly qualified teachers and impressive teaching take-up."

- The Carter Review (January 2015)

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