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Pimlico-London SCITT

The Pimlico-London SCITT

Courses on Offer: QTS and PGCE

Tuition FEE Route and Salaried route (Teaching Apprenticeship) 

How is the course structured FOr these routes? 

For the tuition fee route and the salaried route (Teaching apprenticeship) the structure of the course is the same.

You will learn on the job with a one-year main placement supplemented by three in-year placements: a three day placement in an alternative provision school, a three week placement in a contrasting school, and a week-long cross-phase placement. Placements are vital in providing you with the broadest possible experience in order to prepare you to become an outstanding teacher. 

In addition to these placements, you will attend weekly practical training sessions at our training centre in Pimlico which will enable you to develop your teaching skills, subject knowledge and excellent practice away from the classroom.

HOW LONG are these routes? 

The tuition fee and salaried routes last one full academic year, from September to July. Trainees are also required to attend a two-week long induction which is usually held in July, before the training year. This will help you prepare effectively for the course, with the opportunity to practise and hone your teaching skills, develop your subject knowledge and meet your fellow trainees and school-based mentors. 


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Because of our status as a SCITT some of the courses are listed under 'Pimlico Academy' (our lead school) and others are listed under 'the Pimlico London SCITT'. Applicants are placed usually during the interview process or the offer stage, so applicants should be aware that while the applicant goes to 'Pimlico Academy', they could be placed at one of our available placement schools, this will not be necessarily Pimlico Academy.


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Secondary Programmes

Both the tuition fee route and salaried route are offered across a number of subjects. You will usually teach that subject across the secondary age range (key stage 3-5).

Please see the table below for the different subjects we offer for different routes. The course code listed next to each subject should help you identify the correct course on 'Find'.

Unsalaried Route - Secondary Programmes

Listed under 'Pimlico Academy' (1ZC)

Biology (38BV)

Chemistry (2NMC)

Classics (38BX)

Computing (38ZL)

Mathematics (2FQK)

Modern Languages (2FQJ)

Music (2FQN)

Physics (2NMB)

Listed under 'the Pimlico London SCITT' (P58)

Art & Design (2D2N)

Drama (2D2P)

English (2D2L)

Geography (2FL7)

History (2D2K)


salaried Route - Secondary Programmes

Listed under 'Pimlico Academy' (1ZC)

Biology (U251)

Chemistry (W142)

Classics (F381)

Computing (G936)

Mathematics (T275)

Modern Languages (X367)

Music (A781)

Physics (J954)

Social Sciences (W297)

Listed under 'the Pimlico London SCITT' (P58)

Art & Design with Design Technology (A843)

Drama (R123)

English (G956)

Geography (D278)

History (D957)


If you are interested in teaching primary, we have both salaried and unsalaried routes available. This will mean you will teach across the primary age range, from key stage 1-2. You will not teach Early Years Foundation Stage.

The table below will help you to identify the right programme on 'Find', using the link above. They are listed under 'Pimlico Academy' (1ZC).

Unsalaried Route:

Primary (2VLJ)

Salaried Route:

Primary (3946)

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