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Pimlico-London SCITT

The Pimlico-London SCITT

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We are regularly approached by other MATs and schools who are keen to design a partnership that best fits their recruitment needs. Since we train new teachers in all subjects and age-phases this means we can adapt to suit your changing profile year to year. We work with a wide range of placement schools, with a significant number from the independent sector who are keen to exchange trainees and share in the knowledge-led movement of curriculum design and assessment.

We are also often approached by the Department for Education to host innovative programmes like Researchers in Schools and Now Teach to attract new teachers to the profession in shortage subject areas. These candidates often have a wealth of subject knowledge and experience that serves the classroom well. If you are a Head or responsible for teacher recruitment and/or training in your school please let us know how we could develop a partnership with you.

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Pimlico Academy, Lupus Street, London SW1V 3AT
Tel: 020 7802 3455