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Pimlico-London SCITT

The Pimlico-London SCITT

Our Vision

Libertas per cultum, encapsulates what we strive to give our students:

  • Freedom to choose, to be knowledgeable enough to make sound choices in life.
  • Freedom to think well - we think with words, therefore depth and breadth of vocabulary are vital tools in life.
  • Freedom from ignorance and prejudice through knowledge and conceptual understanding of the world.
  • Freedom to lead a purposeful and fulfilling life.

We believe in teaching students knowledge for its own sake and in instilling in them an insatiable hunger for knowledge. We teach students the best that has been thought and said. We make no apology for giving our students an academically rigorous education through the study of classic texts and challenging textbooks that we have written ourselves. We aspire to put them on a level playing field with their independently educated peers.

We believe in pitching our lessons high, and carefully differentiating to ensure that every student can access every lesson. We believe in pacey, energetic lessons that engage and challenge, delivered by charismatic, imaginative and highly knowledgeable teachers. We therefore recruit dynamic teachers with a passion for their subject, a love of learning and a desire to develop their own subject knowledge.

We believe that career progression should be meritocratic, contingent upon performance not length of service. For example, our current Head of Classics had been with us only two terms before he was appointed Head of Department.

Our pupils are guided by three overarching values:

Knowledge, Aspiration and Respect

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Pimlico Academy, Lupus Street, London SW1V 3AT
Tel: 020 7802 3455