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Pimlico-London SCITT

The Pimlico-London SCITT


Our trainees appreciate the skilled and challenging nature of their mentors and trainers during their induction year and as a result gain a fuller and more rewarding experience of how to teach young people and lead in the classroom.

Nick Palmer, History Teacher – SCITT Trainee 2014-2015
 Deputy Head of Year 10 2017-18 Pimlico Academy

What have you enjoyed most about your training so far? 

The most enjoyable part is the fact that there is dedicated training time, even though we are teaching every day. There is time to step back and reflect on our teaching; reflect and consider how we can improve. Also there are incredible speakers from other schools and universities who come in to discuss things like; how to improve our educational theories; how to improve our subject knowledge; how to deliver in the classroom which is really enjoyable. Also the support of the whole school has made us feel very welcome. There is also a sense of team ethic amongst the other trainees and the wider school as well.

What has been the most challenging part so far? 

Organisation. From day one you have to be on top of your work load and I am not the most organised person. As a teacher something which is really appealing is you have a great deal of autonomy and an amount of responsibility however the trade-off is that you have to be on top of things. It was difficult in the first few weeks but I am now getting into a routine and coping much better.

What are the most important lessons so far? 

The most important lesson is to learn to enjoy it. There are days when it is hard and stressful and you have lots on your plate but there are often little moments during the day when a student could come up at the end of lesson and say I really enjoyed that lesson sir or the lesson blew me away. It is important to find the time to appreciate it and reflect.

Kristian Olloman, PE Teacher – SCITT Trainee 2015-2016
NQT Year at Pimlico Academy teaching both Primary and Secondary Students 

“I am extremely pleased with my overall progress this year. I feel confident going forward into my NQT year that I am able to plan and deliver good/outstanding lessons. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with the PE Department and Alice, my mentor, this year. I would place the majority of my professional development down to her caring and professional support.”

Lucinda Merritt, Drama Teacher – SCITT Trainee 2016-2017
NQT Year 

What was distinctive about the quality of mentoring you received?

This school, this department has been a driving force behind my desire to teach. Studying here has been most rewarding and I am incredibly grateful for every opportunity I have had to be part of this outstanding school. I love that this school champions the diversity of its students, setting high expectations and promoting good subject knowledge. The staff I have worked with this year have been inspiring, hardworking and passionate and reflect the dedication of the school to its students. The Drama Department have provided me with a rich and fulfilling experience, their knowledge, wisdom and experience have developed my own knowledge and practice. Working within a small department has meant I have been able to draw upon their expertise frequently and creates a nurturing and supportive environment befitting of any future training teacher.

How would you describe the leadership provided by the Pimlico-London SCITT team?

The SCITT programme itself has been a life affirming experience. The SCITT team are highly knowledgeable and are dedicated to maintaining high standards of teacher training. This is provided in our Tuesday training sessions, the detailed feedback from lesson observations and  learning walks and our cross-phase, alternative provision and school experiences. I would highly recommend the training at the Pimlico London SCITT.

How would you describe the level of support provided during the most challenging times of the course? 

Recently, personal circumstances have made my experience quite challenging and the team have not only offered academic and logistical support but have also made efforts to check in with me. They have shown a level of understanding and compassion that may be lost in larger programmes or in different teacher training routes. I have felt very much supported, encouraged and motivated to complete my teacher training and as the programme grows I am confident that each, individual trainee teacher will feel the same way.

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